Ih'kis PDF - Last Post (...?)

I haven't posted here in a while and if anyone stumbles upon this blog I want to leave this last little bit of closure.

I have completed Ih'kis. It was a project I started trying to get my friends to do a weekly web comic but it inevitably fell through. For me though, I had to finish it. I never finished anything in my life as far as projects go and I wasn't going to give up! It took me years to finish this thing. I hand penciled and "inked" each page using Micron pens. No computers, except to scan the pages. I had no story. I just wrote it as I went along. I got about half way through the book and wrote an ending to it.

I stopped posting here because I felt no one was paying attention anyways. I finished it up regardless and even had it printed into book form. It is my first accomplishment in the world of comics. I don't think I ever made a strip longer than 4 pages before I gave up. All I have to say is don't give up!

I didn't particularly like what I was doing (with Ih'kis.) I always felt I could do better. I'm more of a science fiction kind of guy and Ih'kis tended to be more fantasy. I finished it anyways. Here it is in all it's PDF glory.

Ih'kis PDF

Thank you, and if you wish to follow any of my future projects:


As far as Ih'kis goes though, I would like to return to the story and tie up some loose ends I created. It may happen...  but not for a long... long time.